SuperiorStore is a leader of wholesaler and retailer in China.

We were founded in 2013. Our products include clothing, beauty and skin care, bedding, household groceries, and so on. There are as many as 3000 products. After years of careful management, the company has more than 50 stores. More than 2000 employees, and has considerable retail presence. The company has vigorously carried out online e-commerce, and has successfully sold the goods to the United States, New Zealand, Germany, France, Thailand, Malaysia and so on as many as more than 30 countries. We have high efficiency work experience, keep low cost, do the best quality products, better delivery and logistics services. Just like the name of our company, we are Superior Store, selling superior products and bringing Superior quality service to customers.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our Brands

Superior Store own few famous brand in China

Lane Fenny –  A quality fashion brand.

Superior Store –

Our Products

SuperiorStore from the reputable suppliers, we carefully select a large number of high-quality goods, from daily necessities, cosmetics, health care products, and even large furniture. We use international testing institutions to make the best products, we optimize the production and procurement process, save cost, improve work efficiency, so as to ensure the lowest cost to make the best quality products.

Our Team

SuperiorStore has more than 2000 employees, from the sales, cashier to quality control supervisor. Every employee is trained according to our working manual. They are highly qualified employees.